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I want to increase the awareness of Black History in our nation’s educational institutions. 
I want to promote Voter Registration, Voter Education, and Voter Participation. 
I want to protect student-athletes and empower them to use their voices beyond the game. 
I am ABIS. The Advancement of Blacks in Sports.
 I will advocate for a culture of equity and inclusion in all aspects of sports leading to racial and social justice.
I will settle for no less than for a new culture of equity and inclusion to promote racial and social justice in sports and beyond. 
We are ABIS. We are the voice for racial equity in sports.
Keys to Victory


• Diversity and Inclusion Program Supplier

• Diversity and Procurement Initiative

• Financial Literacy Program


• Scholarship Program

• Access to Return to School Program

• Internships (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)

• Curricular Initiative (Financial Literacy, Study Abroad, African American History, and Race & Sport courses)

• Professional Development Program (Coaches and Staff)


• Empower and connect with Grassroots Leaders 

• Advocacy for Black Lives Matter

• Social Justice Activism


• “State of Blacks in Sport” Report

• Hiring and Retention policies and practices (Collegiate/Professional coaches and administration)

• Institutional disparities and Student-Athlete outcomes (Enrollment and Graduation)

• Racial Equity Salary Gap


• Career Building (Internships, Skills and Portfolio Development, and Resume)

• Mentoring

• Marketing (Branding and Networking)

• Transition from Sports Program

• Health and Safety Initiative

• Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and Standardized Test Elimination Advocacy


When We All Vote Advocacy

• Education, Registration, and Participation

ABIS is many voices
"I felt that I had my time in athletics and that was it. The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time. I don't think that I or any other Negro, as an American citizen, should have to ask for anything that is rightfully his."
- Jackie Robinson

ABIS is built on the foundation of collaboration. Attracting the brightest minds and most courageous business and sport activists who are willing to work towards a common goal has been the “secret sauce” of our fast-growing organization. We are a diverse team of athletes and professionals of all races/ethnicities who represent the fields of academia, administration, athletics, business, civil and human rights, economics, entrepreneurship, law, media, mental health, and sport science. We communicate with the intention to always empower and lift up the student-athlete first. 
Our Team
ABIS Committees
“We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.”
— V. Afshar

It’s been proven that you can’t get anything done by yourself. At ABIS we lean on our skills and lessons learned from athletics to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Our committee initiatives, programs, and tasks require creativity, determination, focus, and persistence. All of our committee members have a proven track record of success leading in front or behind the scenes. As the “heart and soul” of ABIS, we are dedicated to supporting one another to achieve our mission. If you feel that there is a committee(s) area that aligns with your equity goals, please contact a chair for more information.


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Quick Answers

How does ABIS differ from other social justice organizations?

ABIS is a collective of like-minded athletes and professionals who seek to make a difference for Blacks in sports. Understanding the immense efforts necessary to dismantle structural racism and racial bias, we respect all other organizations working towards the same objective. We welcome partnerships and open communication to create better outcomes for Blacks. ABIS is not focused on one particular sport, sport level, or sport occupation. We embrace the challenge to unite everyone as the barriers and inequitable experiences are similar and common throughout the industry.

How is ABIS funded?

ABIS Inc. is a 501c3 status applied for, based in New York. We are supported by grants, and individual and corporate donations that help us to advocate, collaborate, and promote the advancement of racial, social, and economic justice in all aspects of sports.

When does ABIS meet?

ABIS subcommittees meet at least once a month. The ABIS general body, which provides insightful updates and opportunities to meet members, meets twice a month on Thursday evenings.

Is there a membership fee to join ABIS?

During this 2020 inaugural year, there is no ABIS membership fee. We always welcome supporters to make a donation.

How did ABIS get started?

Following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, Gary Charles, a pioneer in basketball coaching and event planning, recorded and shared a video addressing the uneasiness in his heart.

On June 11, 2020, in response to the gratitude of the video, Gary reached out to several college and grassroots basketball coaches to dialogue on how best to create and join a movement for change. Gary, the founder of ABIS, was and remains committed to moving forward collectively as he inspired a group of professionals to use their influence in the midst of national unrest.

How is ABIS structured?

We have Teammates, Allies, Advisors and Administrators at all levels of sports in the ABIS membership. These sport professionals from grassroots, college, and professional leagues; civic, nonprofit, and corporate organizations, are all engaged to assist in the achievement of our mission.

Who can join ABIS?

We invite all people who wish to share their time and talents. This open invitation is for courageous coaches, athletic administrators, student-athletes, professional athletes, alumni athletes, civil and human rights leaders, academics, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and employees who are currently making an impact on their campuses and/or local communities. And if you are looking for a place to start -- ABIS welcomes you to learn and share as we advocate for racial, social, and economic justice for Blacks in sports. ABIS is building a team that anyone committed to equal and fair treatment of Black people can join.

How can I get involved to support ABIS?

We are open to ideas. Consider engaging with ABIS by joining an ABIS subcommittee, registering your company to provide internship opportunities or mentorship, aligning your event with our platform, reposting our work on your social media feeds, or make a donation.